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About Me

I got interested in photography in 2002.  This first trip I took pictures with a disposable camera that I got free out of a beer case. This was very limiting because there were only 12 exposures. But this sparked my interest for my next trip to Ottawa, Ontario a year later.  I bought a 2 megapixel Fuji camera and took plenty of pictures. I also used that camera when i went to the Toronto Zoo and took plenty of pictures I was in love with photography.

Finally in late 2003 Canon introduced the Digital Rebel (300D) and I bought one.  What an amazing camera my first digital SLR. I still use it today. The freedom of interchangeable lens and the ability to manually expose contributed to my learning and improving quickly. A further advantage of digital photography is the ability to see on the rear display screen the picture you just took so I was able to make adjustments then and there by taking the picture again instead of just hoping for the best as you had to with film. This helped me learn and improve quickly.

I also became interested in Photoshop and other image editing programs. I really love all the control you have over your images with digital.

I learned a great deal about photography by practicing and by reading many books and watching videos when I got the chance. The web is an amazing resource for this and to this day I am still trying to improve my photography and presentation by reading and practicing as much as I can.

Late last year I heard about Hamilton's Art Crawl. A self guided tour of Hamilton's Art galleries. I have been fortunate to display and sell my work at the last seven Art Crawls, six of them at Sergio De Matos' gallery Art On James. Sergio is a great painter and a heck of a nice guy. He has been very helpful and encouraging.You can visit his website by clicking here

What is the future going to hold for me? Well first I will continue to shoot photographs and grow as an artist. I will most likely do more exhibitions for the Art Crawl and perhaps other opportunities and I will continue to sell my work as home decor for private individuals and interior designers.